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 Business IT Support & Office Equipment Repair

Software, Hardware (PC & Office Equipment), Printer Repair, Typewriter Repair, Shredder Repair, Checkwriter Repair, Time-recorder Repair.

Suitable for company without full time IT staff.
Our customrs save 50% to 80% IT staff cost in general.


Office Software Consultancy   
IT Consultancy 
Virus Removal

Printer, Typewriter, Shredder, Checkwriter, Time-recorder Maintenance
 and Repair                                

Typewriter Repair in Hong Kong $400up

Printer Repair in Hong Kong $400up
Shredder Repair in Hong Kong $400up
Checkwriter Repair in Hong Kong $400up
Time-recorder Repair in Hong Kong $400up
$400/call up
$600/month up
Quality service is our motto.
Prices exclude parts

Tel: 2110-1278




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