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  Pervc Co., Ltd.    Tel: (852) 2110-1278     Email [email protected]     

 Pervc 普華士

We are Internet Service Provider for business to connect to the Internet. We offer HKBN Dynamic IP Plan 100M/100M for $248 per month and HKBN Fixed IP Plan 100M/100M for $499 per month.

Professionalism, completeness, and reliability are our motto. We serve professionally.

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 Web Hosting and Revamp 

 Invoice System


 Product Catalog 

 Computer Systems

  Business IT  Support

 Email Servers

  Web Page Roaming

$50 / month up
Move your web page from your existing ISP to us, most of our customers saved 30% costs.

 Web Product Catalog

$138 / month up
Web catalog saves printing and communication cost.
Simple. Clerks can update products anytime. No extra IT cost. No need to wait for IT staff to update, time is saved. More...


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